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Gastro - Colibri Bohemia Tasting glass 210 ml

Gastro - Colibri Bohemia Tasting glass 210 ml

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Crystalite Bohemia was founded in October 2009 in Czech Republic with two production plants. One of the glassworks in Světlá, founded in 1967, which deals with fully automated production of beverage and decorative glass, is also the company's commercial and administrative tasks. The other glass factory in Květná, which was established in 1794, where manu facturing is done today, uses different techniques to decorate the glass. Here they are dehydrated and engraved.

Currently, the company has more than 800 employees, and turnover is over 37.5 million euros annually.
The vast majority of products are exported abroad and the company is currently supplying more than 72 countries worldwide.

The melting of environmentally-friendly crystal glass has long been used to manufacture the products, which does not contain any lead compounds, titanium guarantees better resistance to the final product. The glass melt offers first-class "parameters", such as Czech crystal, longevity, or even without the risk of being emptied into the dishwasher. Despite being cleaned in a common dishwasher, it is perfectly wear-resistant.

The Tasting glass is 21 cl, 120 g, 66x66x161 mm. The packaging offset box are 6 pcs.

Product details:

  • Volume: 0,21 liter
In stock Gastro - Colibri Bohemia Crystall Glass > Glass > Kitchen equipment

Net price 10,53 HRK

Gross price 13,16 HRK



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